About Us

Founded in November 2016, Data Management Experts is a platform for all those who are interested in the area of data management. This platform creates to possibility to share your thoughts and comments around different subjects related to data management. It intends to become of one of the “thougt leading” platforms in the next couple of years. The articles that are written on this website contain personal opinions and experiences from the authors who work in the field of data management around the globe and with the largest companies.

About the Author and Owner

The author and owner of the platform Data Management Experts is a young professional with experience in the world of data. He started his career at a well known software vendor as channel manager where he learned the skills of indirect sales and managing partners. Financial, HR, Logistics, Warehousing and PSA were the main elements of his software sales. Building relationships with experts and other vendors are part of his DNA.

After a couple of years he decided to make a switch and landed in the world of accountancy firms. In this period he enabled himself to become a trusted advisor of many accountancy firms in The Netherlands. The area of finance, financial reporting, tax, auditing and other accountancy related activities are no secret to him. Together with his clients he developed many solutions to solve their challenges. In this period the love for data management came above. Accountancy firms are the ultimate example of being data driven. It is all they know. This was the signal to go ahead and make the step into the corporate world and finetune his data management skills and vision

In the most recent period of his career he stepped into the world of multinationals and as off today he is still active in this world advising around data management and selling software solutions to multinationals who have challenges in the area of data management. Besides being active he also manages a LinkedIn Group for Dutch Data Management Experts called Data Management Experts Nederland in which he gathers the top data management experts from the largest companies in The Netherlands to discuss all kind of data related topics.

LinkedIn Social Selling Expert

A couple of months before he started Data Management Experts he worked with a by LinkedIn awarded Marketeer to explore the possibilities of Social Selling via LinkedIn. In the last half year he became a real expert and a so called Social Selling Champion with an Social Selling Index Score above 90 points. His relationship with employees of LinkedIn is very close to ensure the quality of his skills.

Now he regularly gives presentations about these topics as well to many different kind of groups. Only recently he was honored with the fact that he could perform a presentation for over 300 people about social selling through the platform of LinkedIn.

Impression of Presentations