Is your company ready for the waterfall of data?

Mother nature has given us many things that are fascinating and urges you to have respect for all existence on this earth. No, this is not a “green” speech from my side of the table because I am not the one that should be doing that. But respect for mother nature creations is something I do have. One of this fascinating things is a waterfall. The enormous amounts of water falling down with an force you can’t even imagine. The Niagara falls is one of these waterfalls that almost everybody knows and has gained a lot of respect. Unfortunately I have never seen it “live” but I will in the future and I am sure of that.

Still there are people who are able to “ride” these waterfalls. In my opinion those people are out of their mind but with the right skills and right equipment it is possible to survive the power of the waterfall. But how are companies doing in this ride of the data waterfall?

Is your company able to ride the data waterfall?

Your clients, your plants, your vendors, your website,  your web shop, the Internet of Things, Big Data brokers, the government and all the other customer facing systems and people generate enormous amounts of data. It is a Data waterfall that you are able to use with the right skills and tooling. This waterfall of data is here to ride and use in your advantage. It all starts with the awareness of the power of this data waterfall. The power and possibilities of this data waterfall is beyond imagination just as a normal waterfall is. All these different sources generate data that can be used.


I would like to advise you to have respect for the data waterfall but ride it with all the power and intensity you have. The possibilities are immense and It will be worth it.