Why Big Data is not going to work for all of us..

The talk of the day is of course big data. Everybody wants a piece and believes it will make their business successful. Every day I see software vendors and salespeople push the business towards the use of Big Data. I completely agree and I see all the benefits of using big data in your advantage. However with just one problem that we should overcome first. This problem or challenge is Master Data Governance in order to keep your data quality at high standards. But what is the connection?

Master Data Governance

How is it possible that Master Data Governance affects your benefits around Big Data? Well that is not really complicated. The connection of big data has to be made. This is a connection with data that is already in your system. The master data is basically the foundation to build a Big Data strategy on. And we all know that if your foundation isn’t strong and at high quality you will not be able to benefit. Master Data Governance will help to get your foundation strong by only allowing high quality data and it will keep your data clean. It is helping to keep your master data in good health in order to be functioning as foundation for your Big Data adventures.

Reality Check

I know that many companies rather invest in beautiful tools such as Business Intelligence or tools that enable Big Data sources to be useful for the business. But I advise you to begin at the beginning. Your master data and especially the governance of your master data is the starting point. How can you align the external data sources from the outside with the data inside of your company if the data on the inside isn’t at high quality? From a helicopter view you can see this in 3 steps:

  1. Clean your current master data
  2. Put in Master Data Governance for future purposes
  3. Check the quality of the data in a continuous way.

The large companies and multinationals have their data governance in place. However the companies in the mid-market are far from ready. They have to make the move now in order to benefit from Big data as well. Don not forget it is not just big data that your are enabling with master data governance. Also the possibilities of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT. My advise is to start at the beginning with the foundation. This should be the most important thing before your start investing in beautiful tooling. Without a foundation it is mission that will fail.