The craftsmanship of data quality governance

Where do you still see craftsmanship these days? Not many professions are related to this kind of work anymore and sometimes that is too bad. A couple of days ago I watched by accident a documentary at Discovery Channel about Breitling. Breitling is one of the most famous watch makers in the world. And of course originated in Switzerland as many other professions from such kind are. Making watches the way Breitling does it is a combination of art, craftsmanship and automation. It was stunning to see and it also explains why does watches come at a specific price. I think that data quality governance is a craftsmanship as well and here is why.

Data Quality Governance as Craftsmanship

When we look back at the way Breitling is producing the watches it is about a couple of very important components. First of all is the fact that quality is at highest stake. It can not be possible to deliver a product that is below the standards.


First of all is the fact that quality is at highest stake. It can not be possible to deliver a product that does not have the quality they are aiming for. Data Quality Governance is exactly the same. The quality of data is absolutely top priority.


A lot of they high quality work from Breitling comes out of high standards that are set by the organization and the people that work there. They believe in these standards and will do anything to fulfill the expectations of their clients. For data quality there is no difference. Everybody in the company must understand that high standards are necessary to reach the ultimate goal of satisfied clients that eventually pass on your story.


The process of making a watch is complex and has a lot of shackles that work together. With out working together the watch can not be manufactured in best way. It is process that is well defined and thought over many times. However in the world data quality governance this is the same. The process is crucial to be compliant and get high quality data in the flows.


Eventually in the world of watch making people have a big role. The tiny parts that go into the watches are not suitable for automation. Only people labor can do this part of the work. In the world of data quality governance is the role of automation a bit bigger but in the end there is still a lot of involvement from people necessary. People who contribute to data creation but also people who watch the process such as data stewards. 

In my opinion there were a lot of similarities between Breitling and Data Quality Governance. My respect for these companies is huge. They have established an enormous brand with their product and client perspective and they do this by combining old fashion craftsmanship with new age technology. The power to improve and the will to do so has never left the company in all this years. Breitling keep on going and Data Quality Governance has to keep up with you!