Data governance sets creativity behind bars

We have dedicated already several articles on this platform to the subject of data governance. In my opinion data governance is necessary to complete your data management strategy. It is also a very effective way to ensure (as far as possible) to keep the data quality as high as possible. A lot of companies already have governance in place. Most of them have seriously considered all the possibilities and created the best possible implementation. Other organizations count on their employees and unwritten rules to ensure the governance. Even though this is not always as easy as it looks. These two choices are logical and can be argued from different angles. One of the arguments I heard against fully integrated and logical based governance is that is costs your company creativity. Is this true?


Data Creativity vs.  Data Governance

What an interesting statement if you ask me. As a data management enthusiast I think that data governance does not set data creativity behind bars at all. It is the opposite if you ask me. Let me explain this thought a little bit further. In my opinion this governance ensures that the quality of your data is at a high level. The procedures within the company make sure that this quality stays during the route through the organization and all the stations. Creativity is often located at marketing and the R&D departments. They should have the liberty to be creative and stay creative. Data governance should enable this creativity by giving high quality back to them in order to analyze and improve their actions. This is how data governance enables creativity.

Be creative and create disruption

So if you ask me you should take all the opportunities of data governance give you and turn them in to creativity. Do not let data governance set this behind bars. Disruption often comes from analyzing “old” data and creating new solutions and products. So “data governance creates disruption”.