The Governments Chief Data Officer vs. Business Chief Data Officer

Only a couple of weeks ago I created this article about the Chief Data Officer being overratedI think this role is an necessary asset for success. Many companies need a Chief Data Officer to be successful now and in the near future. This was before I read the article about  Florida Senate Committee Passes Bill to Create Chief Data Officer Position  on Government Technology. Let explore this a little bit further. Why did they appoint “The governments chief data officer?

 The Reason

The bill came about following inconsistencies and security issues within Agency for State Technology that ultimately led to an audit of the state agency. The audit found several ways in which Agency for State Technology data could potentially be compromised during the login process and through unrestricted access privileges.

Finding a solution

The Governor of New Jersey signed legislation that not only makes data transparency a requirement for all state agencies, but also codifies the chief data officer position into state law. This gives Liz Rowe, who’s been in the position since March of 2015, the authority to establish procedures, standards and best practices around open data and data sets by each agency; develop a data set format standard across all agencies; and monitor and ensure compliance.

Business Chief Data Officer vs. The Governments Chief Data Officer

It is a different approach if you look at “my description” of a Chief Data Officer compared to the role created by the US Government in New Jersey. The Governments Chief Data Officer focuses on security, data governance and standards. Almost close towards the role of an accountant ensuring compliance for the Agency for State Technology. While the role of a Chief Data Officer in the business is to enable the business with data. Security is in the hands of the Chief Security Officer. What do you think? What is the real role of a Chief Data Officer?