Why Salespeople hate data governance! 

If you ask an average salesperson about data governance the most likely answer is that they heard of the word data governance. But they do not what is really means. Just not to offend you and have the possibility to ask more. However without them knowing what data governance means I am certain that they hate it. Most salespeople do have the nature of being sloppy with sales data. They hate doing this part of the job. Yes, I am talking about all the administrative duties. Maintaining records, adding new features and descriptions to it. We know the importance but we still hate to do it. Especially when it does not bring any cash into the company or has nothing to do with sales at first sight.

Sales data

Only a couple of years ago I was exactly the same. It is in our DNA to hate it and to do the minimum ask and spend more time with our clients. But the power of correct sales data is enormous. Just remember the article about the five frustrations about faulty customer data for sales people and you know the “why”.

CRM should be your sales data goldmine, but more than often this goldmine is filled with water.

Where is data governance in place?

When we look at the CRM nowadays it is or should be filled with valuable sales data. Data governance can be seen in the fields that are made mandatory for you. More and more the organizations see the advantage of complete data. However your work is getting more complex and time consuming with each new mandatory field. Now you recognize data governance don’t you!

Welcome in the world of data and preferably accurate and complete sales data. If you wonder why they made all these fields mandatory just think about the next line.

If you can not change the character of the natural salesperson. Just change the environment he or she has to act on