Three Data Governance Booby Traps

As written in many articles before data governance is becoming more important every day. Companies are becoming aware of the value and are willing to invest in such initiatives. I have met and spoken to many specialists in the area of data governance and they are happy with these developments. However a data governance initiative is not something you do overnight. That is something we all agree on. There are too many “data governance booby traps” possible. Know what you want and create a strategy is phase one. What are the three most common data governance booby traps I heard about in the last couple months?

Data Governance Booby trap 1: The landscape

This data governance booby trap is the most common we see. It makes initiatives such as data governance complex to execute. You have to have a great understanding about your current landscape and even more important you have to be ready to overcome new challenges initiated by mergers or acquisitions. A broad understanding is necessary to read the signs and act on them. Make a draft of your current situation and know which data flows through the organization.

Data Governance Booby trap 1: What is the data strategy?

Not being on the same page with the data strategy is a regular mistake, especially if the business is not fully engaged with the data governance initiative. Data strategies are not always in place and a initiative such as data governance is not supported. It is an data governance booby trap we all know.  Aligning all the strategies including the corporate strategy in order to support the data governance initiative is necessary to implement and maintain the quality of it.

Data Governance Booby trap 1: Were do we stand?

Are we ready to initiate a data governance initiative? Are you able to ask that question to yourself and your company? It takes courage and insight to do so. Aligning everybody in your company and make them aware about the initiative is needed. Only this can make it a success. It is not about higher mathematics challenges. It is about awareness regarding the fact that such initiative is necessary to support the organization in further growth. A starting point with everybody pointing in the same direction is needed. But you can only do this when the challenge and the benefits are clear.

All these data governance booby traps are manageable. It is a continuous process and takes a lot of time and efforts. However in these days it necessary to act. Regulations and competitive advantages are key drivers for this initiative.