15 LinkedIn Groups every Data Management Expert should Join!

Everybody knows! It is the end of the year and the lists are coming. Normally I would try to get some distance from these lists because often they look back at things that happened in the past year and usually not the most happy things. The fact that at least 3 music legends died this year and many attacks on civilization worldwide did not do any good to humanity is the example I rather not refer to.

With all the respect for the moments, happenings, drama’s and persons, that we may never forget, we move on to the future.

And the future is ahead! In my opinion it is a bright future because data is the new oil or gold. What if I could create a list for the gold-diggers or oil drillers, the so called Data Management Experts worldwide to enable them. Enable them to find and discuss with fellow data management experts on the global platform for professionals: LinkedIn. You already do! In hundreds of different groups but how do you know which groups you need to get in? Exactly, that is something you see or hear from your fellow data management experts.

At the end of 2016 let’s do this a little different and you already guess how: Indeed a list: 15 Groups every Data Management Expert should join!

These 15 Groups have each their own specialty and focus but they are all affiliated with Data Management and the experts. There is no ranking or number 1 price. Just value for everybody! I hope you find something you like and don’t forget to join. Together we can do much more in the world of data management.

Your opinion!

Do you think the list of groups must be edited or groups of importance are missing in this list? Feel free to comment and maybe we can create the 2017 list before we start the year.