40 hours of well spend listening to Data Management…

As your read the headline the assumptions are already made. What kind of conference did he attend that requires 40 hours of listening? Or what could you otherwise do in those 40 hours? Do you require 40 hours of listening to answer the question what is data management? Well I can assure you those 40 hours are well spend and here is why.


Of course the question what is data management is very interesting and you should be able to answer it after 40 hours of listening but this isn’t what is about. Most of us have the wish to read more books. However this is easier said than done. That is why I fell in love with an app called “Storytel”. Some of you probably never heard about this app so I will explain. Storytel gives you the ability to listen to books instead of reading. In my case as a young father with little free time to grab a book and as a traveler with an average of 15 hours per week in the car for my job it is the best way to spend my time effectively.

These are the books about data management and related topics that I listened during those 40 hours.


By Steve Lohr and Walter Dixon

6,5 hrs

Big Data a revolution

By Viktor Mayer Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier

8,5 hrs

Data and Goliath

By Bruce Schneier

9,5 hrs

What would Google do?

By Jeff Jarvis


Marketing in the Age of Google

Vanessa Fox and Don Hagen

5,5 hrs

I still love to read an old fashion book with a paperback or on the e-reader. But to be able to do the business reading or should I say the business listening in this way is just amazing. It gives me the opportunity to listen to almost 40 to 50 books every year. That is even more than some courses at the University provide you.