Comparing Data Management and LinkedIn

I my last few blogs I compared data management many times with other “real life” components. I do this to giving understanding towards relevance and capture the essence of data management. One of the most recent comparisons is the blog about public transportation.

Since November 2016 I am proudly one of the founding fathers of the LinkedIn Group Data Management Experts Nederland. This is a platform for Dutch data management experts to get together in an independent setting and discussing all kinds of data related topics. Back to the comparison. On which two points can we compare data management with a LinkedIn Group? You have to be creative to see the similarities but I am going to try.


If we take a look at data management it is possible to compare this with a network. A network of persons or other assets in or outside a company who add value and expertise towards the journey of data through organizations. In my opinion is a LinkedIn group also a network with the exact same goal and reach. Because of the network the value of brought in data is even larger.

Sharing Knowledge

The essence of data management is according to my vision, sharing knowledge. Collecting structured and unstructured data with the ultimate goal to create a manageable structure and clear information. This information can be used to make the right and sustainable decisions. Sharing knowledge is the key to success. Sharing Knowledge is also the key of success of a LinkedIn Group. People can bring and draw knowledge out of the group which is posted by other experts. They can use this knowledge to improve their work at their company.

Without network there is no value in data. Without structured data there will be no knowledge and information to share.

The End

Hopefully you can see the comparisons. With some imagination you will! If you have some other comparisons please do not hesitate to add them in the comment box. At last I would like to invite you into group of Data Management Experts Nederland if you are interested. Be welcome!