Data Management Business Rules, Rule!

We all know that data management can be complex. It does not matter in which way you are involving in data management, all the aspects have some components of complication. Does data-entry keys in the right data. Do they select the category they should be selecting? Does Master Data enriches the data with the right components? Are they responsible for this enrichment?

What makes data management complicated? I asked a couple of data management experts in The Netherlands what makes data management complex for them. When I talk to these people who work in the area of data management or master data management they often tell me that they are in service for the business. However more and more their skills or department is abused when it comes towards data and the management of data. Why is that?

Data Management Business rules!

The organization does not understand the business rules or the data management business rules. Clarity around governance is usually managed by workflows and hierarchy but data management business rules can be different. For those data management experts it is key that business rules are well defined, clearly communicated and transparant for the whole organization. The business often creates a work around or has specials needs considering time pressure. They avoid the business rules and go straight to people whom are capable of serving their needs.

A business rule is a statement that describes a business policy or procedure. Data Management Business rules drill often down to the very detail.

Adjustment and optimization

What to do in this matter? Well it sounds really simple and logical. Get the lines straight! Communicate and share the datamanagement business rules. Align them with your data governance and keep the objective straight. After all you are here to serve the business as your client. If the company need adjustment then do so because it is a continuous process of monitoring and optimizing the work environment. It is especially relevant for special cases who need fast handling of data make business rules for them too. It is about creating the right scenario for every question the business has. They are your customers and they serve the companies customer.