On a journey with data management? Do you take the bus, the train or both?

I am almost certain that you have been in the situation that you had to choose. Which kind of public transportation do I choose when I travel to a particular destination. Via the internet you enter the current location and your location of the destination and the tooling calculates your travel time and which kind of public transportation suits best for your trip. You know that often the combination of different kinds of public transportation is the only way to get where you wanted to go. Probably the longest distance by train, the specific last couple of kilometers by bus, metro or perhaps a trolley car.

The Netherlands is well known of is high density public transportation network. Besides the fact that we (the Dutch people) always complain, should we be proud of this network.

If we analyze the public transportation we can concluded that the big cities are connected through railways and train stations. On the other hand the smaller cities and villages have to do it with a bus line. And of course the last couple of meters have to done by foot. However the destination of mind is always within acceptable reach.


Let’s compare the public transport sector with the world of master data. This may sounds a little strange but in fact there is a lot more comparisons then you think upfront. Master data is also a high density network of data who have value on their own but when they are combined with other components their value rises. It is the combination of these components that make master data precious. It’s the core of your company and all your data management activities.

The train stations could be seen as “main components” from the master data library and a place where multiple data components are collected and combined. The bus stations which are most of the time also suited nearby the train stations are the “sub components” from the master data library. When we trace this parallel even further you will see even more comparisons.

Data management tools are the tracks or roads where data is transported on. Same as the trains and busses need them to travel and deliver you at your destination. Without having these tools in place it is impossible to have the data in the right place on the right time. Most certain is the fact that at some moments there will be a delay. But is this different in the “real world”?


Eventually we can conclude that only when you select the right kind of public transportation, make the right combination of train and bus you will reach your destination in the most smoothly way. In the world of data management there is no difference!

Have a nice trip!