Do you have your Data Migration SWAT team in place?

Once in a while your company makes the decision to change the IT landscape. Often this choice is made do to developments in the world or a development inside the company to do things different. These days we see a lot of movement towards cloud applications for example CRM from Salesforce is a movement a lot companies make. But also moving to Microsoft 365 in the cloud is more common than ever before. How about the switch of a complete ERP system into the environment of Netsuite or SAP S4/HANA Cloud. Even though you possibly stay with same vendor you still have to take a lot of actions to make the switch easy and smoothly.

The switch to these cloud applications is a perfect moment to clean out your data and start fresh in a new environment. But is it really that simple? Just start fresh? Well as you perhaps already know It isn’t really that simple. A lot of data is still being stored in your old system and it has to be transferred into this new environment. This is where data migration comes in place.

Data Migration

Data migration requires a carefully planning of events. Switch on the new and switch off the old system is not going to do the trick. Every environment is different and requires different standards. In my opinion it all comes back to about 6 basic steps that you have to take into consideration.

  • Impact Analysis
  • Define & Inform
  • Planning & Preparation
  • Testing
  • Migrate
  • Continuous Monitoring

Every aspect of the project is important let us be clear about that. But where do you put your SWAT  team in place? The SWAT team is used during the complete project. Put this team carefully together and make sure they all have the right skills to be supportive in this project and do their part. Also the tooling must be functionally and prepared. All this together makes succes more likely. In the Police force everybody has his own set of skills and so does your SWAT Migration Team.

Together Each Achieves More!