The five frustrations about faulty Customer data for Sales People

When you viewed my profile on LinkedIn you will see that I am in sales for a couple of years now. Sales is in my opinion an art combined with science. I will not go any further into this subject but the part of science is interesting. The science of sales is based on data and one of the most important aspects of this data is customer data.

 Everybody is in sales and sales data

I believe in this quote by Philip Kotler; The sales department isn’t the whole company but the whole company better be the sales department.

Together we should be able to serve the client and prospects at our best.  Let’s focus on the part of customer data as a part of sales. Sales department have a lot to do with data. Especially customer data is of importance to the salesmen and women within your company. With this data they are able to prepare conversations with customers and prospect better and win contracts. This customer data is also a challenge. It changes fast and before you know it contacts move within companies or even outside of companies. When your prospects is growing or has very diverse activities it is hard to keep up. For the sales department is inaccurate information a real pain and it leads towards a lot of frustrations. Even when they are also debit on this inaccurate information.

Let me give you a little inside into the frustrations of a sales when it comes towards customer data.

Wrong phone numbers

Have you ever seen a sales call the wrong number or a number that doesn’t exist? I don’t think there is any further explanation needed.

Old contacts

Contact that no longer work for the company are a real bummer. When you ask for someone and they tell you this person is no longer working for the company you just fell down in trustworthiness.

P.O. Box as an address

A lot of sales use their CRM for addresses when they want to visit their prospect or client. In a lot of CRM systems, customer data is filled with P.O. box address information. This costs the sales a lot of time to find the right address.

No connection with Social Media Data

These days a lot of information about the company or contacts is available on the web and social media. Learning more about your contact via social media is powerful and personal. Still a lot of CRM systems are not yet connected to social media channels.

 Missing elements

Missing elements in general are frustrating. If pieces of information are missing such as number of employees or annual revenue it gives the sales less and less ground to open the conversations about solutions or challenges. The more pieces of customer data available, the better.

“All in sales”

This are just five of the frustrations and I am sure you will find many more if you ask people within you sales department. Just implementing a CRM isn’t going to do the trick. The whole organization has to commit to keep the data clean and enrich the data constantly.