How data analytics can drive you crazy

In many different articles I wrote that awareness is a big part of the success of data and data management. It all starts with the awareness of the value that is hidden inside the data. When this comes to the company. the eyes will be opened. Articles such as Awareness of data legislation and Is your company ready for the waterfall of data are great examples. With data and data management an another important feature is data analytics. You can manage data in a great way but if you don’t analyse this for improvement you will never reach the next phase.

However when there is an upside there is also a downside. Growing with data is the right thing to do but be careful. Just as Johan Cruijff often told the press in his best English; every advantage has a disadvantage. Awareness of data and the value of data can give people and companies the will to drive control via data analytics over the maximum.

Data Analytics

The insight that data analytics provide you is amazing. The company has the ability to control every aspect of the company and analyze this just by gathering the right data. But data analytics is also a trap. When you can control everything you might lose creativity and freedom  because rules are good and use them to improve you business is also in your right but the human factor is there as well.

The huge amount of insight generated by data analytics can be overwhelming and affect your ability to focus on the right things. You can analyze many things with data analytics but not everything is measurable. For example if a employee of your call center isn’t making enough calls in a day you can make him countable for this result and even give him a warning. But remember he or she is human too. Maybe some troubles in his personal live are the driver of this under performance. Do not lose humanity out of sight.

Remember you are working with human capital don’t destroy this capital by letting data analytics drive you crazy.