3 Reasons to reinvent your Data Management Environment

In the last couple years more and more companies take their data management environment under investigation. Does it work the way it should and is it in line with the expectations for the future? Motivations to start the investigation often come from outside the company.  In this article I will describe three of the most common reasons to take your data management environment under investigation. Only by doing this you reach an optimized landscape and success.

The Data Management Environment?

The data management environment of companies is not just a word. It is a total landscape with many different aspects.


Legislation and regulations are more than often a motivator to change. I devoted already two articles to GDPR  which is at this time a great example. GDPR motivates many companies right now to take a closer look into their data management environment and strategy. Legislation has been such motivator for many years now.

Optimizing for efficiency

Many sales pitches from software vendors are focused around this topic. Efficiency and especially cost efficiency make your company move faster related to lower costs. It is a win-win situation if you believe those vendors. Even though they are “salesy”, they are right. Optimizing for efficiency is a continuous process. It does not stop when you have implemented a system or a software solutions. Often companies think they completed the job after such an implementation. However it is a serious reason to reinvent your data management environment.

Customer Happiness

The power of the customer is increasing every day. If customers are not happy with the company because of slow movement in for example the order process. They easily make the move to a competitor. And how about not having your data in great shape to help them in their decision making process. As a company it can make a difference when you do have your data in great shape.

These reasons are probably known to you. But it is good to have them in your sight at all times. Legislation speaks for itself because when you do not comply to it your company gets in danger of getting fines and bad press. The other two aspects on the other hand can make the difference between being a average company and a great company.