Revealing the similarity between golf and data management

The word busy is one of the most used words these days. Everybody is busy with something and it is also the most common answer to the question; How are you doing? With being busy is nothing wrong at all but once in a while you have to relax. Besides enjoying the time with my kids I intend to make some rounds at golf course as well.

Golf and data management similarity

Walking around this golf course (my favorite one is in The Netherlands nearby Utrecht) gives you time to relax and regain focus. Blogging is one of my other hobbies and often the ideas pop-up when I am there. This time I am taking on the challenge to compare golf with the world of data. I am already curious if you agree with me on the similarities I found.

Master Data and Golf

Some elements in golf are creating your baseline and can be considered as the heart. All the other factors that use these elements are connected. For example your materials such as golf clubs and golf balls. But also the golf course itself.

Big Data and Golf

In golf a lot of factors can be compared with golf. How about the weather. The weather creates enormous amounts of data. This data can be used based on correlation to find out when the best time is to play. How about the time of the year this could be (with some little imagination).

Transactional Data and Golf

If you ask me the transactional data and golf are similar in a specific way. The way of performing the swing and the results of the swing. It is almost impossible to do the same swing twice with exactly the same result. However transactional data is only possible with the right master data in place such as the golf clubs.

Data Governance and Golf

Golf is a game with etiquette and many rules to keep the game fair and clean. Everybody has to follow this rules. Perhaps the most suitable comparison in this case is data governance. Playing by the rules with in consideration the components of master data and transactional data.

Data management similarity

If you ask me I think I made it happen. Finding the golf and data management similarity. However I am extremely curious towards your opinion about this similarity. Do you agree or do you have a different vision upon this case. Do not hesitate to place a comment beneath this article.