Six Data Management books every Data Management Expert should read!

Being busy with your passion and your professionalism (your job)  intends to eat a lot of your time. But this does not matter at all because it is your passion and your are willing to invest this time. In an earlier blog I wrote about listening to books as an efficient way to make use of the time. The time you spend in the car travelling from a to b. This blog 40 Hours Of Well Spend Listening To Data Management… lets you see that reading is not the only way to consume knowledge about the topics you like most. Most certainly the internet is the main source for your “hunger towards knowledge” but the internet can also be confusing. The overload of data is massive.

Let me get to the point of this article. I selected six books which I would advise every Data Management Expert. These Data Management books are probably known if you are in the world of data management. However they still they provide you with a lot of basic knowledge about data management, data governance, master data management and other topics of interest.

Mastering Your Data by  Andy Graham

Master Data Management is an enormous industry. There are many companies now claiming to be MDM software and services providers. MDM is in fact the reincarnation of the problem of how to manage the consistency and integrity of the data assets. This book provides an understanding of MDM and the business drivers behind it. Also the various techniques that are critical to its success and
gives a good architectural grounding in the subject.

Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program

The problem of managing data continues to grow with issues surrounding cost of storage, exponential growth, as well as administrative, management and security concerns – the solution to being able to scale all of these issues up is data governance which provides better services to users and saves money.This book is an overview of why data governance is needed, how to design, initiate, and execute a program. 


Multi-Domain Master Data Management: Advanced MDM and Data Governance in Practice by Mark Allen and Dalton Cervo

Multi-Domain Master Data Management delivers practical guidance and specific instruction to help guide planners and practitioners through the challenges of a multi-domain master data management (MDM) implementation. Written in a business friendly style with sufficient program planning guidance, this book covers a comprehensive set of topics and advanced strategies centered on the key MDM disciplines of Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Data Quality Management, Metadata Management, and Data Integration.

The Enterprise Data Model: A framework for enterprise data architecture, 2nd edition by Andy Graham

Couldn’t it be great to understand all the data in your organization? Just imagine being able to define, agree and manage information concepts that impact on business strategy? Then imaging that these information concepts link to the physical database attributes. In the ultimately attempt to create them. That’s what this book is about

The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge by DAMA International

Written by over 120 data management practitioners, the DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK) is the most impressive compilation of data management principals and best practices, ever assembled. It provides data management and IT professionals, executives, knowledge workers, educators, and researchers with a framework to manage their data and mature their information infrastructure.

Enterprise Master Data Management: An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information by Allen Dreibelbis  (Author), Eberhard Hechler  (Author), Ivan Milman  (Author), Martin Oberhofer (Author), Paul van Run (Author), Dan Wolfson (Author)

Companies moving toward flexible SOA architectures often face difficult information management and integration challenges. The master data they trust is often stored and managed in ways that are redundant, inconsistent, inaccessible, non-standardized, and poorly governed. Using Master Data Management organizations can regain control of their master data and improve corresponding business processes. Also they can maximize its value in SOA environments.

On the bookshelf of Data Management Experts are more books in which you can find true value considering data management knowledge. If you want to take a look at it then you can follow this link: Data Management Experts – Books. And in my opinion books are a great gift to mankind and this is also the way I look at them. Of course Data Management Books preferably. But did I miss anything on this list or in general on the bookshelf please do not hesitate to comment. I believe that together we can create a library of Data Management Experts Books of value for all of us.