Stuck in a marriage that has to succeed

In 2015 the central agency of statistics in The Netherlands conducted a research about marriage. This research came to the conclusion that 1 out of the 3 marriages failed and led to a divorce. Besides the fact that this failure is awful for both sides and the possible involvement of children makes it even worse. Both parties have the possibility to say goodbye to each other and move on to a new and happy life. When we look at companies such a divorce is impossible. Your IT department and the Business are married and they have to stay together. No matter what happens. How can you as the CIO of the company make sure this marriage lasts and pro spheres?

The marriage between your IT Department and the business

Obviously is to say that a good marriage is needed to result into succes for your company. But you and I know that this is true. You also know that this marriage is not going to work if there is no love between those to parties. To create an optimal cooperation between those two this marriage has to work. However in daily life we see all these things go completely wrong. Both sides live next to each other but not together. Only when both parties are engaged and live together this marriage will work and your company will benefit from it. But what are the key ingredients when it comes to this business marriage? How can you as the CIO of the company enable those ingredients in order to create success?

The 4 Ingredients for a great and successful marriage

Communication is the most important ingredient. Within the organization it is of great importance that people keep on communicate. Understanding each others wishes and demands is key to the success of a great marriage. Most marriages get stuck on this point and you as CIO are able to manage these communications.


Trusting the fact that both parties are fighting for the same cause which is the success of the company is a big deal. Without this trust there will be a relation with suspiciousness and sub optimal results.Trusting each other is a unmistakable ingredient for a great marriage.


Even though technology and information management are the binding factor between the IT Department and the Business. Still the human aspect cannot be forgotten. These people have to cooperate in order to represent the importance of the company.

Play your role

Everybody has to play his or hers role in a marriage. This often comes naturally but sometimes it is necessary to give it a hand. In a company is playing your part of great importance. Playing your role in line with your specific knowledge and skills is a key element for success. Both parties must play there role and complement each other to achieve the best results.

Your organization needs all these ingredients to make the cooperation between the IT Department and the Business work. Its looks like a simple list but in reality you will notice that this marriage will have great depths and amazing peaks. As the CIO you will be able to guide this marriage but if necessary it is always possible to hire external council and go in therapy. Maybe than you will discover which ingredients you miss. But do not forget. This is marriage that has to succeed.