The crucial choice of Data Management Implementation Partner

Developing a Data Management Strategy is complex and companies are often relying on partners when developing such a strategy. It is normal to do so because the knowledge of specialists on this topic is available outside of the company walls. This comes in many different ways. The specialists on business consulting are not always the same as the partners who are responsible for implementing the IT landscape. However the choice of the partner in this matter is crucial for your data management strategy and data management implementation. The most basic item in choice is of course the choice between local and global. But is that all?

Local Partner

A local partner can be of great benefit to your company if you are looking at a special kind of Data Management Implementation partner with knowledge of the local market and specific relations. However if you are a multinational with a global strategy you should consider a global partner.

Global Partner

A global partner with a global network enables you to use the available resources and knowledge in the same way around the globe. If you want your Data Management Implementation to be consistent this should be your choice. However a global partner can also be difficult because of their internal politics and the possible deployment of people from resources unknown and from cultures that not match yours.

Matching culture

One of the important factors is culture. In my experience and interviews I had with specialists this was one of the most common issues when working together with partners. The culture of for example Accenture is way different than the culture of Capgemini. What is the impact of selecting one or the other. This aspect is important in making the right decision for your Data Management Implementation partner. In this example you can be sure that both parties are skilled and have the knowledge suitable for your company. However do they match your companies culture? Why do I make this statement. Well when you engage in a large project for a longer period you better be sure that the partner you selected is matching your company to ensure the best results.