The Rise of the Data Dentist

Only three days ago I took my three year old son for the second time in his live to the dentist. We decided that he needed to get to know the dentist early in his live. After all for most of us these visits or often not that pleasant. My son did absolutely great and it was good to see how he responded to the dentist and they made the visit fun. So now you will ask, why data dentist? It is still a people business right?

I absolutely agree. Being a dentist is most of the time still a people business as it always have been. However the dentist of 10 years ago is way different then the dentist of today. Our dentist is high tech and fully equipped with all the newest tools and software.

Data dentist

How does it work and what did i noticed?  These are the basics that more companies do manage in a great way. But still worth mentioning:


Well first of all the invite and appointment. Everything goes through the ways of online communication. An email with the appointment, a reminder by email and a text message a couple of days before the appointment.

Historical Data 

All the historical data of me is stored in their system. All the visits, the work they have done, the development of my teeth over the years. It is used to give them fast insight into the state of my teeth and provide them with a quick judgement to do the right things.


While I sat down in that chair a screen was pushed over to let me watch my own historical data. This is exactly the way it should be. Give me insight of my own data and give me the opportunity to ask questions about it.


They also predicted that my “wisdom teeth” are coming up fast now and that maybe next year It is my turn to let them remove. Also they told me that the x-ray is scheduled for over 2 years. When I left the chair the office manager scheduled a new appointment based on my personal preferences without even asking.


Do not use the hard brush anymore Mr. Buijserd. We told you last time but now we advise you again not to do so. It will benefit the health of your teeth and we do not want to see you with a different reason then the scheduled appointment.

All the respect to the data dentist. A great example of being able to work with data, being customer focused while still providing one of the oldest services in the world.


This example I couldn’t resist to share. Of course as a proud father but most of all to see a profession such as a dentist change in only a couple of years. It fascinates me and I am looking forward to share many more day to day life experiences in which data becomes a key item for the success of the business and me as a happy customer.