Avoiding General Data Protection Regulations

Did you really think you could avoid the General Data Protection Regulations. Well I will end that dream for you right now. Avoiding General Data Protection Regulations is impossible for the “normal”companies among us. GDPR will apply to EU-based companies and companies across the world with EU citizens as customers. So Avoiding General Data Protection Regulations is nearly impossible but there are always exemptions. What are these exemptions?

Exemptions are made

Although the GDPR will be harmonizing Data Protection laws across the EU, Member States will have the ability to introduce some supplemental laws for special purposes that will be specific to the country. The exemptions are in two main areas regarding restrictions and specific processing situations. Article 23 of the GDPR allows Member States to introduce derogation on topics including national security, public security, the protection of judicial independence and proceedings, and the enforcement of civil law matters.

The specific data processing situations include:
  • Freedom of expression and information
  • Public access to official documents
  • National identification numbers
  • Employee data
  • Scientific and historical research purposes or statistical purposes
  • Archiving in the public interest
  • Obligations of secrecy
  • Churches and religious associations
Avoiding General Data Protection Regulations?

The provisions allow Member States to introduce exemptions to the GDPR where necessary, set their own conditions or establish more specific rules. This also allows some flexibility in how the requirements are met. Some of the laws that are introduced by Member States. Avoiding General Data Protection Regulations is not an option and it also something you do not want. Try using regulations as a unique selling point. Customers value transparency even more than you think.

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As you probably already know I am not legal council regarding GDPR and I do not want to be either. However it is important to know that specialists around this topic are gathering on the platform of GDPR Associates. They will be able to help you if necessary with explaining and providing you with knowledge about this legislation.

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