Awareness of Data Legislation

When you ask random people what legislation has to do with data management. Often people will not get any further than their privacy. And they are right! Privacy is the most important subject of discussion when we talk about data. Data legislation is therefore getting more and more important and more discussed. Different countries apply different rules. Personally I love the series on Netflix about the law. For example Suits and The Good Wife are great examples of how law in the most extreme matters can interfere in the data world. Does it give you insight in the world of the law? I don’t think so but your imagination will do the rest. Let us get back to the topic of data legislation

The combination is what matters

When we talk about data in singular components nothing occurs around the privacy legislation. A single object cannot be transferred back to a single person. Just think about the fact that a ZIP Code has many possibilities and many houses you have to visit before you find the right person. However if we put this ZIP code together with a date of birth it gets more interesting. The possibility that there many people with this unique combination is getting smaller each time you add an extra data component to it.

Guard your Master Data!

Your master data is full off singular data components and all these components are also connecting in every transaction you make otherwise your company would not be able to use them for commercial purposes or other business related purposes. Master Data contains all the important components to reveal identities of people and organizations which should be protected by you. Data legislation is getting more attention every day and it is important to acknowledge this fact. Be aware of the consequences it can bring when you are not paying attention to this matter. This all starts with awareness within the company!