Opening the data water tap!

More and more companies create or collect data in enormous amounts. Creating happens often via the normal ways and by the different departments. The usual components such as customers, material, vendor and other master data components are often a huge part of this data. But the enrichment of the data is where the real waterfall comes in. All the different aspects of for example the client or the client related data give perspective and change often. This means that the data collecting has to expand all the time to stay relevant and be of value. In today’s world data is as water it everywhere without even thinking about it. Just open the data tap and it flows in right?

Data collecting is as opening your water tap

Is it really as simple as it sounds? Just open your water tap and the data collecting happens right away? Only a little adjustment with the cold and the warm and it is all fixed? As you probably already guessed it is not. Data collecting is an science and must be played by the rules and regulations issued in your country. Different countries have different regulations regarding data collection and data storage. For example the European Union is far more determined in their regulations than the United States is. Regular data such as purchasing data around a client or data that is freely giving by clients or vendors in order to gain some benefits will not be the problem. However when collection of data gets closer towards privacy regulations you have to be careful not to open the tap too far.


Be careful with the heat or the cold. It is almost the same as with your real life water tap. Too hot will get you seriously burned. But do open the tap because if you don’t you will have some real hydration problems which are hard to overcome on the long run!