Data Privacy Protection Around the Globe

Most companies see the benefits of using data to grow and expand their business. This is not uncommon and many more will invest in the benefits of data in next couple of years. However governments have been active in the world of data for a long time now. Their activities have two main components which also contradict each other. The world of Data Privacy Protection isn’t that simple. These are two most known aspects:


If you like it or not in these days all governments have a strong hunger towards knowledge and data about people. Their Intelligence agencies work day and night to find and store data for direct and later use. If this is right or wrong is beyond my scope but when we talk about safety many aspects around data surveillance are allowed.

Protecting their residents

On the other hand the governments try to protect their residents as well. Abuse of data by commercial focused companies and violation of privacy regulations are on their discussion list most of the time. But how about the responsibility of the government to protect the companies and people from theft of data. The world of data is for the governments just as complex as it is for many of us.

The Forrester heat map

The well-known research firm Forrester Inc has created a map to give you more insight. This heat map gives you insight in the world of data privacy protection by legislation around the globe.

Data Privacy Protection

Data privacy protection is a hot topic nowadays. In 2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulationin Europe is activated. Which gives the residents of these countries more guarantees about their data privacy protection but only more guarantees. Technology from the Good and the Bad will always fight each other to be the first.


Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. We all know that they work with business leaders to create customer based strategies with full commitment towards growth. The bases of their research comes from their surveys. They deploy this survey over hundred of thousands of business leaders and companies.

As you can see the heat map gives you an overview about the data protection legislation or data privacy legislation around the globe .The independent research capabilities of Forrester guarantees their clients and is this matter the world high quality reports.