General Data Protection Regulation For Employees

In one of my earlier articles I wrote about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for the first time. This is a hot topic in many companies as they make the preparations to be ready in 2018. For many of us this is logical to do and other wonder what the state of the company is if there are not yet ready right know. However the most important aspect is to engage your employees in the process. General Data Protection Regulation For Employees. After all they are, if you like it or not, the weakest link.

I have three tips for every company that is busy with implementing or getting ready for General Data Protection Regulation. These three tips are focused around General Data Protection Regulation For Employees.

Involve HR

The HR Department has a lot of sensitive (master) data as described in the article The importance of MDM for the HR departmentMake sure that HR is on board and able to communicate the actions that your company takes to protect the employee data. If they see that you care, they will care as well.


manage the expectations about their behavior towards data and the protection of data. Customers and vendors do trust you with their data. They may expect from your company to handle this data confidential.In this case your company equals your employees.


Let employees only access the data that they need in their daily activities. Not to minimize their tasks or control them in and old fashioned way, but just to protect themselves. General Data Protection Regulation makes no difference between accessing and just reading sensitive data and information.

General Data Protection Regulation For Employees is not for the fun. Just as Data Governance isn’t for the fun. GDPR is a serious matter with serious consequences if not applied in the right way. after the activation it is just a matter of time before the European Committee is going to find a violator to punish. Only if this is just to make a statement to everybody else. Protect your data, Protect yourself and you will be fine.