Asking the “Google lady” to sing a song!

Every day my 3 year old son asks me if the “Lady from Google” wants to sing a song for him. And of course he already knows which song he wants. Gladly for now it is his pronunciation and his lack of knowledge regarding the English language that keeps us safe from “the wheels of the buss” all day. But for how long will this lasts and how did this happen?

How did this happen?

The reason is not really that hard to discover. I am a real enthusiast as it comes towards making our home smart with features and apps. And if they like it or not they are pulled into this journey. Luckily they enjoy every step of it. Only last week I received my Google Home Device. This is not really special if you live in the US. However in The Netherlands they are not yet available so it took some efforts to get it here. As part of my journey to create a smart home this was the next step on my wishlist. Controlling everything with a screen was great but controlling everything by voice is COOL.

But what are the real benefits and joys? Well we already used the smart thermometer and lights in our house which made it possible to automate tasks and keep track of our energy household. Also gives it the possibility to manage our “lights” from outside the house and especially in the morning it is a great start. There is nothing more comfortable to have the lights on in the living room and the heat on a comfortable temperature when you are waking up. Besides this the fact that every component is automatically turned off when the family leaves the house is great. It is simple but it gives us easiness and joy.

My Smart Home Landscape
My Smart Home Entertainment Landscape

With the entertainment part of the Smart Home playing movies, series and listening to music are now completely voice controlled. Just ask and and it is done.

What is next?

The journey will not be over for a long time. And I am glad because I am having to much fun in adding all these new technologies into the landscape and making our lives even more comfortable. Exploring all the benefits of our virtual assistant is a journey on its own and that is what we are doing right now and this will take some time. However the next step has probably something to do with doors and locks.

“Ok Google, turn of all lights and turn down the heat”

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