The Evolution of Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is getting into our lives every day and more and more. Many of us are still holding back on these new technologies because of the unknown aspects of privacy violation. This is something I understand and respect. Connecting all your devices to the internet is like giving access to your live in some sort of way. But the IoT evolution is getting forward and becoming real for everybody.

My own experiences

Personally I am totally hooked on IoT. The IoT Evolution is for me the perfect example of technology making your life easier. Just by being smart or learning fast in patterns and algorithms they give you the opportunity to spend your hours more efficient and easy. Don’t think about thermostats or lights that might be still on. It also gives a great feeling of safety by knowing that your smoke detector tests itself on hourly bases. Not waiting until the battery runs out. I am hooked and adding new items to my “smart home” on a regular bases.

The Generations

I found the picture beneath and it gives your a great example of the generations we are living in. The IoT generation that many of us already posses is of course the first circle. By connecting your smart devices such as tablets, printers and smartphones there is plenty of power in your environment available to carry the signals of IoT. Also many of us are using the second generation of IoT as well. The smart smoke detectors or thermostat from NEST for example are installed in many houses around the globe. The third generation is also among us. Some of us use the smart home music systems of SonoS or other vendors. But also the smartwatches are shipped in millions by Apple and Samsung.

IoT Evolution

The evolution is going way faster than we all can imagine. It is hard to keep up. Even for me as a real enthusiast about IoT and cannot follow all the developments. My advice is to pick your items carefully and with a purpose. Only decide to do so if you are completely aware about the data flows and privacy regulations. However as a company you really should think about deploying IoT in your business. It can and will create great benefits.