External providers of master data, how to enable them?

Most of the data that is generated for companies or by companies often comes from outside the company. Those external providers are often just as regular as the have been for many years. They could have been your supplier for many decades. And this is only when you think about vendors. They supply you with data about their company for procurement activities but also the all the aspects of the product or materials they supply to you. Enabling them to supply you with perfect data is a basic step in keeping your raw material data clean from the start. But how to?

I am convinced that self-service is absolutely a way to ensure that data is entered in the right way. Companies should provide their suppliers with self-service mechanisms in which they can demand their suppliers to work within the data governance structure of the company.

New Age; Big Data

Big data has also components of interest for masterdata. Lets call them “Big Data Components”. However enabling those sources to connect and communicate with your backbone is always an interesting matter. Because it can unlock enormous values but also create critical situations when misused or not managed in the right way. This is how Gartner thinks about enabling big data mixing in with master data.

Big data and Master Data Management

Organizations that align big data with master data management will gain competitive advantage by using new insights to take targeted actions. CIOs, CDOs and information leaders must understand the impact of big data on MDM to leverage such significant opportunities. By Gartner

The impact is exactly my point of interest. Defining the components of Big data that are really interesting for master data is the hard part. You do not want to store all this data do you? For example PIM solutions can help you to use the right big data components for products. Also data integration solutions can help your company to solve the problem with big data and master data. Combining multiple sources controlled by master data management solutions can help you to ensure quality and optimal use of big data. However let me be clear about the fact that you should be trying to govern big data too much, because it intends to enable creativity.