Master Data Management of HR

If you ask me to consider the most valuable assets of each company then I would say that there are two items that come straight in mind. First off all are the people within the company. They drive the company and ensure existence and second is in my opinion data. In reality we see the combination it is of course that people generate data and not just by keying in data. We call it HR Master Data.

When we talk about master data management it is often about customers, vendors or materials. How about your greatest asset, your employees, the people. The HR Master Data is just as important as any other part of your masterdata. Of course the amounts of master data of people is not relevant in every company. If you are a smaller company with for example little over 200 employees it won’t be that serious to do HR master data management. But recently I spoke to a master data manager who had to manage approximately 100.000 people. Well not the people but the data of these people. Then it becomes a little bit more serious

HR is all about people

Can you imagine the data that comes along with 100.000 employees? If those employees didn’t  move, leave or get promoted than it would be more easy to manage it. But in these enormous amounts the movement is just as complex as material data management or customer data management and therefore it has to be taken very seriously.

HR is all about people that is for sure. They have to enable the employees to grow and become more successful than they already are. Often the HR department is losing a lot of time to keep the HR master data correct. I believe that when the HR master data is well managed and possibly automated by talent management or other HR supportive systems, the HR department is able to spend even more time in developing people.