Master Data Manager, You are AWESOME!

Master Data Manager or Master Data Specialist is often seen as a profession with no “sexiness”. Did I just use that word? Yes I did! Here is why! Fact is that there is no prestige or amazing sales bonus ahead of you when you turn the data accuracy of your company from 60% to 80% or even 95%. When you change the data flows in your company into smooth operations and incredible insights. Unfortunately you are not the hero of the day or employee of the month.

The Masterdata manager is


Communication between IT and the business is always interesting. As a Master Data Manager you are right in the middle and you need both to perform well. Can you translate the geeky language of IT into basic ABC for the business to understand?

Police Officer 

Master Data is the law and therefore it should be obeyed. You took the oath to guard this law with your life. All the users who are able to adjust or post master data components must follow the rules and you will supervise these actions in order to maintain and preserve the data and the quality


Creating data flows and is like sketching the drawings of a house. Creating the most beautiful house or building with taking the law of mother nature in to count. The customer (read: business) is never satisfied because they want everything and preferably taking nothing into count. The business is the same they always complain to have to do too much “data” handling in order to fulfill your “data needs”

Worst of all you are the one who tells the organization to change because the way things used to work are no longer in line with the data strategy and we all have to adapt.

Master Data Management is a profession without sexiness

Your job is so important that you are underestimated most of the time. Remember, without your efforts to make the companies data reliable again a lot of matters couldn’t be handled. Are packages delivered on time at the right customer? Does procurement send out the right PO’s if you are not doing your job. I think that just two examples are enough.

You are the one that gives your company the ability to trust data and change to a “data driven” business.That is worth even more than a lousy sales bonus are an employee of the month sign.

Go Master Data Manager, you are awesome!