Social Master Data Management

Recently I came across a very interesting article about Social Master Data Management. Henrik Lilliendahl wrote some interesting words about this topic. It made me think as one of the Social Selling Champions in The Netherlands with a SSI of 94 (21st of January 2017). You can check yours via this link by the wayHe asks himself if social selling works. Well that is not a tough question for me since I am a believer of social selling and I have benefited many times. In my opinion the possibilities are endless. But how can we manage social master data management? That is an interesting question.

Let us first get the definition right.In my opinion Social Selling are activities on multiple social platforms in order to communicate, engage and interact with customers and prospects. Social Master Data Management is the step after in collecting all the data and manage it from one master data perspective. Lets see what the Social Master Data Management definition is according to Techopedia

Techopedia Definition of Social Master Data Management (Social MDM)

Social master data management refers to the processes, policies and concepts used to gather and compile social media data. This data comes from different sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This data is then combined into one master file.

Techopedia explains Social Master Data Management (Social MDM)

Social MDM allows businesses to maximize costs and team collaboration because one data source file is used as a reference. Due to the evolution of social media and its enormity  of data about customers, leads and prospects, businesses are growing. Two components are important: Adding social MDM to social customer relationship management (social CRM) strategies. And the second is combining social MDM with cloud computing

I use the platform of LinkedIn on daily bases to interact, communicate and engage with customers and potential customers. This is part of my job and my passion. Combine all the data into one master data file or application is important to keep track of changes and developments. Social Selling works but only if you are working with the right data. Data provided by the source of Social Master Data.