5 Data Management Software Trends

Data management software is already an enormous market. Companies understand the importance of having tools in place that can do the job. But also the software vendors know that data management software is necessary to be successful and stay successful. I tried to put the 5 basic trends in data management software together.

Cloud based

Like every other software application nowadays cloud is no longer a hype. The data management software has to be cloud based to be future proof also the possibility to integrate (point 5) is an extra motivation to choose cloud based alternatives of desktop or server versions.

Validated Quality

The data management software has to give organizations the ability to trust data. The have to able to trust the data that is going into the system and also comes out of the systems for reporting purposes. All different kind of rules apply to validating the data and assuring that the quality is outstanding. Data management software has to adjust to these wishes and give the capability to be changeable when needed but never leave to “trust” aspect out of sight.

Big Data and MDM

Big data is the hot topic these days. Everybody is talking about integrating Big data into their company systems. More and more suppliers of big data arise and give the opportunity to cooperate and let data sources connect. The data management software must be able to connect with these suppliers of big data and give the opportunity to store the data that is collected by the organization itself.

Customer Experience

It is all about the customer and their experience. Your customer needs to have the experience of a life time to help him make his buying decisions on your website. Data has to enable this experience. However at to other end of spectrum it is the same. Data management software has to have a great customer experience as well. Organizations do not want complex systems anymore. The tooling can’t be complex anymore.

Integrated Solutions

Like mentioned above in the relationship between big data and MDM is integrating solutions a hot topic. Organizations demand data management software that is able to combine the power of data quality, data enrichment and data integration in one solution. No layers of different systems talking to each other via difficult API solutions.