Buying or building your Master Data Management Solution?

Recently I attended a seminar from the Dutch SAP Usergroup. My intention was to learn about their struggles around data management. This special usergroup is set up for the data management experts in the Netherlands relating to SAP and the use of SAP. Different topics came across the table. For example the upcoming GDPR is a hot topic in The Netherlands as well. But there was also a user case from Heineken. It was about Buying or building your Master Data Management Solution? And because of the special way of handling I would like to share this with you.

The world of Heineken is dominated by growth. Fast growth by mergers and acquisitions and all the benefits that come with this strategy. However there is also a downside. Besides the fact that they grow and make great numbers they have to integrate all these different companies in their IT landscape. And that is a challenge..

Buying a Master Data Management Solution

To make sure you have generic data over all local solutions you have to implement a master data management methodology that works. In the case of Heineken they tried this by buying a master data management solution from the biggest ERP vendor in the world. Unfortunately this was a choice they regretted after a period of time. It was impossible to connect all the different local legacy systems to their main core. Buying was for Heineken not the right option.

Building a Master Data Management Solution

With the failure of the master data management solution they bought it was time for Heineken to take another route to success. Together with their strategic partner the came up with the solution to make the sketch of their entire landscape first and the goals they wanted to reach besides generic data and optimal master data. Building the solution was the best option. Creating a solution with the possibilities to expand it and create new items on the go. Having an own team in place that is able to optimize and program solutions on the fly. This is their choice and of course this is project of millions they are flexible and happy with their solution.

What is the best option for you? That question may be simple but the answer is far from simple. However I would advise you to find a partner that has the power to stand above software vendors. Together you can search for the ultimate solution that fits your purposes. In the end it is your business that has to work and run it.