Just automate Master Data Management and all your problems disappear….

Is this for real, just automate and you are done? Purchase data management tools? Well a lot companies still think this way and I don’t know if this has to do with ignorance from the side of the company or is it just a software company that sells this solution as a problem solver out of the box.

Hello world! Problem solvers out of the box, do not exist! Especially not when we talk about complex business processes and the data flows that are involved.

Implementing a master data management strategy and policy is really a challenge and also a matter of having the right mindset. As mentioned before in the article 9 challenges that can ruin your MDM implementation we already acknowledged that. The demand for high quality data and the massive amounts of data within your company make it a complex situation. Which also will affect the labor capacity in your company. You have to free up capacity to do this the right way. This is where tools come in. The data management tools which are designed for MDM purposes can help your organization. They will give the responsible people to capability to do their job more efficient.

4 tips around data management tools for MDM (or software in general)
  • Software is never a goal, always a mean to get to the goal in the most efficient way
  • Check your “shelf’s” first. It always possible that you already have software in house that can do the trick.
  • Prioritize your needs in the way that you purchase only tools that help you do the work that need to be done.
  • Purchase only software that you really need. Be critical and keep the eye on the ball.
Attention and choices

By giving Master Data Management the attention it deserves you have the ability to optimize your business processes. With optimizing these processes you will be able to work more efficient and effective. Eventually it will gives your organization the possibility to access trusted data and information which leads to the right choices for you companies future. However nothing is easy and putting a master data management policy in place isn’t either. Choose the data management tools that can be of use for your purpose and it will make it less hard.