Family Calendar as Data Management Tool

Are you familiar with the family calendar? I think almost everybody is. The central calendar in which the whole family registers their activities in order to keep all the events in line with each other. Well I have to say it works just fine for me. Of course with the note that everybody have to commit to registering all these activities. But how became our Family Calendar a Data Management Tool?

Multiple sources

In case of the family agenda there are multiple sources. First there is my business agenda, than the business agenda of my partner. As third party we collect the data of my children’s daycare and their schedule. Then we add the birthdays and close friends to the calendar. These are the basics. Then we come towards events and hobbies. My partner is a running freak and I love to play golf so we add this too. Also the calendar of the theater is copied and pasted into the family calendar. The vacation is also written down and

Master Data & Data Stewardship

The master data in this case is pretty easy actually. We made the decision to determine birthdays as master data and of course the holidays that are mandatory. Not that hard right. Now comes the data stewardship. My partner and I are both responsible for bringing in data on the calendar However we only do this when it is approved by one and another. This is making the world clear and better for both of us. There is nothing more annoying than cancellation.

Data Management Tool

Eventually it is our data management tool in order to manage all the data around our planning and activities. Some of the activities are inevitable such as holidays and birthdays (unfortunately at some occasions) But based on the tool. the calendar we make our decisions to plan new appointments and events. The data is trusted by us to make decisions regarding our lives.


Even though I am really in love with all the technology developments there are such as IoT, AI, Big Data and many more. We still use both the hard copy and the digital version of the calendar. Isn’t that odd? Well I am intending to make the digital movement completely this year, what a challenge is that going to be. I hope you like my comparison and I am curious if you recognize this.