How a shattered ERP Landscape becomes a chance!

A shattered ERP Landscape is common for many different companies. Especially when you look at the fast moving world and markets. Mergers and acquisitions come by more often than a couple of years ago. Companies have cash available to do so and the interest to lend money is low. This enables companies to act faster. Besides the strategic advantage your company might create by these acquisitions there are also some downsides.Maybe downsides are not the right words, challenges might fit better. One of this challenges is a shattered ERP Landscape.

The shattered ERP Landscape

Acquiring a company is a great chance to expand your companies vision, power, strategy and of course footprint. The part of integrating this company is the hard part. People have to work together and might be not interesting to do so. I am not going into the details of HRM when you execute an integration. But the details of a shattered ERP landscape from the perspective of master data management. A shattered ERP Landscape is a complete nightmare for master data management. How can you combine all these different legacy systems to one truth. There are many solutions that may fit the purpose. But it is still hard challenge to overcome. But what is the chance than?


In my opinion there are three kind of chances or opportunities.

Version 1.

The first possibility is to have a data migration team in place that enables the companies that have to be integrated to move fast and adapt to the “big” system of the overtaking party.

Version 2.

Enabling the integration of different systems into one truth by buying and implementing an master data management tool. There are many suppliers that can help you with this part.

Version 3.

We see also that big companies are building there own integrated solutions. By doing this they enable them self to integrate other companies quickly without the need to rely on software vendors.