Do Tools for data management make the move to the cloud?

One of the most disruptive developments in the last couple years is definitely the move towards the cloud. Many companies are making this move these days or already did. In my opinion there are many ways to move towards the cloud. Hosting of your old legacy systems is the “easiest” one. Just outsource your infrastructure towards a provider. Amazon and Microsoft are making enormous profits by providing such infrastructures.

Replacing old systems with new tooling which is native cloud is the most natural way. For example you could take a look at salesforce. If you are replacing your CRM system it would be strange if you don’t take a look at  native cloud solutions. Also the movement made by many “old” software vendors towards cloud is creating a kind of demand for cloud. Often they offer you this move towards the cloud with the argument of time. If you don’t do it now, you will have to do it in the next three years. We won’t be offering any other way to use our product. Full service and focus on the infrastructure and nothing else are seen as motivators to make this move.


How about tools for data management?

Tools for data management in the cloud are also moving this way. Informatica in the cloud is one of the examples. But also Dell Boomi is a well-known example of tooling that is diverting business towards the cloud. The fact is that tools for data management often integrate big data in their solutions and big data is coming from cloud (most of the time) What is a better place to have your tooling located? Exactly you understand what I mean. Connecting your legacy systems with native cloud solutions is also more effective when your company is doing this in the cloud already. Those legacy systems will come to the cloud in a matter of time. Finally I would like make a statement about social data as well. Social data is becoming more and more of great importance for advanced analytics and creating a 360 client view.

Just an advice

If you are busy with finding the right solutions for data management take the cloud as one of the most prominent arguments. Here is why you should do so. The movement towards cloud is coming and arriving it is hard to avoid this move. In the end it will cost you even more when you are trying to keep your software on premise. However be careful with selecting with your solution. What is the future of the local suppliers of hosting? Are they going to survive the violence of the big players such as Amazon and Microsoft? Think twice while making your decision.